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Stock Sector Calculated Action Action Detail Quality Score Timing Score Market Cap Last Price PE PBV PEG DIV ROA ROE ROIC GPM OPM NPM Asset Turnover Current Ratio Quick Ratio QPM Chg Avg OPM Chg Avg NPM Chg Avg ROA Chg Avg ROE Chg Avg ROIC Chg Avg DIV Chg Avg Current Chg Avg Quick Chg Avg DE Chg Avg
StockSectorCalculatedActionAction DetailQuality ScoreTiming ScoreMarket CapLast PricePEPBVPEGDivROAROEROICGPMOPMNPMAsset TurnoverCurrent RatioQuick RatioQPM Chg AvgOPM Chg AvgNPM Chg AvgROA Chg AvgROE Chg AvgROIC Chg AvgDIV Chg AvgCurrent Chg AvgQuick Chg AvgDE Chg Avg
2SMAI >> IndustrialQuarterUNDERPERFORMCompany financial health is Not Good38100999.002.2211.560.730.046.316.516.373.390.340.841.170.77-0.08
7UPTechnology >> Information & Communication TechnologyQuarterNEUTRALCompany financial health is OK6293757.400.250.58-4.36-7.31-11.273.728.8219.500.000.03
AProperty & Construction >> Property DevelopmentQuarterUNDERPERFORMCompany financial health is Not Good31936223.006.351.861.85-0.341.30-1.07-0.47-
A5MAI >> ServicesQuarterUNDERPERFORMCompany financial health is Not Good469314.00-26.48-102.457.19228.19-6.12-36.870.003.17
AAVServices >> Transportation & LogisticsQuarterUNDERPERFORMCompany financial health is Not Good239319497.004.020.938.33-0.49-1.994.28-1.12-1.32-1.701.190.09
ABICOMAI >> Agro & Food IndustryQuarterUNDERPERFORMCompany financial health is Not Good3893963.504.101.130.32-3.174.34-6.19-3.88-6.660.380.04
ABMMAI >> ResourcesQuarterNEUTRALCompany financial health is OK6293258.000.861.08-3.88-13.29-1.530.15
ABPIFResources >> Energy & UtilitiesYearEndCalculating...Calculating...3690.006.150.898.70
ACAPMAI >> FinancialsQuarterNEUTRALCompany financial health is OK6286829.002.6237.600.64-
ACCConsumer Products >> Home & Office ProductsQuarterUNDERPERFORMCompany financial health is Not Good4693953.570.711.24-8.40-18.765.1328.542.952.200.000.09